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On the south side of Caledonia you’ll find a great little antique shop relatively new to the quaint town. Open since August 2016, you can’t miss the bright pink “Pattie’s Pickins” sign on the left side of highway 21, southbound.

At this point, the shop is open on most Saturdays and Sundays as through the weekdays, Pattie and her husband work together as over the road truck drivers, team driving.

Pattie shared that she loves auctions and what surprised her is gradually, her husband Bruce, has grown to like them almost more than she does! Spending their weekends together at sales finding vintage treasures was fun, but they quickly collected an overwhelming amount of antiques.

When they inherited a home on the edge of Caledonia they began filling it with their unique finds. When they had a full house, and out buildings, the idea of opening a store was almost a necessity!

In just the short time they have been open they already have started an addition to the original little shop three times its original size. The new space is currently under roof and they are working on adding wiring, heating/air conditioning, plumbing for a public bathroom and lots of space to spread out and fill up the large building.

With them both out of town all week driving a truck, progress is slower than they’d like on completing it, but Pattie has hopes of it being finished by the end of March/early April.

Their shop features many large, original furniture pieces that would make a great statement in any home. They also have a variety of unique glassware, clocks, kitchenware, antique linens, china and more. Pattie hopes people feel like they’ve stepped back in the ‘old days’ when they come to her shop. She has a friendly, out-going personality that can make anyone feel welcome and at home.

In addition to having one-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles, they obtained their liqueur license and now offer beer and wine from a Missouri winery, as well as a variety of old fashion soft drinks in glass bottles. This spring/summer, look for the addition of a patio on the side of the shop and have the opportunity to sit in some shade and enjoy a glass of wine or a beer or two.

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