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My Life Health Clinic


The My Life Health Clinic in Park Hills is a much-needed resource for women in the Parkland. This health clinic is unique in many ways, but one is that it is not government funded, and it is non-profit. What this means for women in our area who may need medical services (such as pregnancy tests, first trimester ultrasounds, STD testing, or information about abortion, adoption and local parenting support), is that there are absolutely no fees and no insurance or financial requirements for your visit and consultation.

We recently were given a tour of the clinic and got to talk to a board member/director, who shared their passion for reaching women in need in our area.

My Life Health Clinic

Women can expect to get completely confidential consultations that are specific to their situation. They currently have a part time staff nurse to perform tests and ultrasounds as well as volunteer RN’s. Each RN is reviewed by the medical directors of the clinic. One is an OB and another previously an OB and now a family practitioner.

Their free services include:

  • Pregnancy tests
  • First trimester ultrasounds
  • Local resources for parents, single parenting
  • Education on adoption and abortion
  • Limited STD testing
  • Education about healthy relational living

If you are requiring a service they do not provide, they are happy to refer you to where you need to go for what you need. The My Life Health Clinic does not refer for abortions. They can help expedite processes for possibly receiving government aid for your situation.

My Life Health Clinic

Pregnancy Tests

As early as 7-10 days, the My Life Health Clinic lab tests can detect whether or not a woman is pregnant.

First Trimester Ultrasounds

This is an important step for any pregnancy to determine if the pregnancy is forming where it should be if it’s viable, and exactly how far along you are. These questions need to be answered as early as possible to help the woman decide what the best decisions are for her and her family.

Limited STD Testing

With sexually transmitted diseases now reaching epidemic levels in our country, this is an important and much-needed service for the Parkland. The completely confidential service can quickly diagnose any of the diseases they test for in the clinic, and they offer referrals for testing that they do not provide.

Support and Education

At the My Life Health Clinic, it is evident that their mission is to empower women with support, education, and resources. Offering the services free allows them to reach many more individuals where they are.

Since the clinic is not government funded and completely non-profit, they rely on the local generosity of donations. All of the services they provide do cost; but My Life Health Clinic foots the bill, instead of passing those costs on to the clients or insurance companies.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of this local resource in the Parkland, contact them directly at 573-431-6013 or online at mylifehealthclinic.com.

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Kerry Brock

Christian, wife, herbalist and a writer here at Parkland Hub. I love peaceful days spent with my husband, Davy, sipping coffee, walking parks and eating homemade pizza.

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