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Forshana Farm

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This 18-acre tract of land just West of Potosi on highway 8 is some of the best ground in Washington County, according to the landowner, David Ybarra. St. Louis born and raised, David purchased this property just 6 years ago after years of dreaming of owning his own spot in the country where he could live off the land as much as possible.

Since then, he was able to quit his day job and work full-time on the farm. He now runs multiple greenhouses, that he heats with wood burning stoves in the cold months, to produce plants for sale and for his fertile fields to provide fresh produce to local customers.

The best sellers, especially for this time of year, are his hanging basket flowers. He started 300 baskets and nearly sold out by April. He has more ready now just in time for Mother’s Day, pricing ranges from $10 – $15 per basket. He has other planters ready with stunning floral arrangements as well as individual cell packs of many different flower types to create your own beautiful arrangement.

In addition to the gorgeous flowers, David has vegetable plants available as well. A wide variety tomatoes including heirloom types, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow summer squash and more.

The farm stand where his flowers, plants, and produce are available every day from April until December, is self-serve. David put’s his trust in his customers to leave their payment for the items they buy in an honesty box. He is always busy in the fields or out making deliveries and pick-ups and can’t assist every customer that drops by, so the honor system works best for him.

The items in the greenhouses are not for sale, but he allowed us a peek when we stopped by. He started some tomato plants way back in January this year and already is getting some beginning to ripen on the vine! He is careful to avoid harmful pesticides and herbicides and other toxic chemicals in his farm.

At the Forshana Farm, they raise hogs through the summer months. Any produce that is not fresh enough for selling will be canned or fed to the hogs. Nothing is wasted. David shared that he and Lora try to be as self-sufficient as they can be on the farm, raising rabbits and chickens in tractors. “There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a dinner where most of everything is something you grew and raised yourself.” David shared.

The produce that he doesn’t grow himself on the farm, he sources from other local Missouri farms. All of the produce that he receives is picked fresh the day he picks it up and is never refrigerated in an effort to guarantee the freshest and the best tasting produce for the customer.

David attends the Potosi Farmer’s Market every Saturday at the Court House and beginning in June every Wednesday at the Sheriff Department’s lot.

Looking ahead, David plans to have a pumpkin patch and will be building a permanent farm stand as well as expanding parking for more room for customers.

Make plans to visit the farm and pick out a lovely hanging basket or two for your Mom this Mother’s day! Get the farms address here for directions.

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Christian, wife, herbalist and a writer here at Parkland Hub. I love peaceful days spent with my husband, Davy, sipping coffee, walking parks and eating homemade pizza.

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