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Engler Park


This picturesque park is located on the south side of Farmington and unless you already know it’s there, or you are a bit lost, you don’t have much of a chance of stumbling upon it. Just punch in the address (651 Vargo Rd, Farmington, MO 63640) on your GPS and you will be directed right to this nature sanctuary.

Engler Park

It features two lakes; an angler lake with a covered, floating, dock and the other which has an island with a peninsula that you can walk out onto. When we visited recently there were several fishermen taking advantage of this amenity.

Engler Park Giessing lake

The park also has nature trails for easy hiking. The Lewis trail is only about .25 miles and through the woods. This trail was peaceful and educational. Trees throughout the path were marked with signs so you can learn to identify the species. The Vargo trail is a wide, gravel, trail that is longer and easy to traverse with a stroller or wheeled chair. There are about 5 miles or more of trails at Engler park!

Engler Park Trail

Throughout the trails, you will find large, colorful, signs that tell about the local wildlife that the nature sanctuary is endeavoring to preserve. There is a bird watching area and a garden where plants, flowers, and herbs have been specifically planted that attract all types of butterflies and birds, like hummingbirds. They also have a Chimney Swift house installed near this garden. I can’t wait to go back in late spring and through the summer to see all the flowers blooming there.

Engler park trails

The park has multiple pavilions available for reservation, one very large that is centrally located and near one of the two playgrounds. Consider this for your next birthday party or family reunion.

There is a large section of the park dedicated to soccer fields as well. One is even lighted. On that side of the park, there is another large pavilion with a concession stand.

Engler park disc golf course

The park also boasts an 18 hole disc golf course that starts by the central parking lot, near Giessing Lake, and takes you through open fields, thick trees, and all the way around by the second lake. It is a challenging and fun course to play!

Make plans to attend Engler Park this summer! Have you already been? Share your experiences with others in the comments below! Young or old, there is something for everyone at this expansive park within the city limits of Farmington, just a couple minutes from historic downtown.

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