Cedar Falls Tactical’s New Archery Line


For years, Cedar Falls Tactical has been known for their vast collection of guns, ammo, holsters, knives and other tactical accessories. Recently, they made the decision to acquire the archery line from Mega Sports in Farmington.

Expertise Behind the Products

Although Cedar Falls archery line is new, their expertise is not. Ben Minkel, the owner of Cedar Falls Tactical, made the decision to not only bring the equipment over from Mega Sports but also the men who many in the Parkland have grown to trust as archery experts. Tim Wilson and Seth Firebaugh have over twenty years of combined experience in the archery field. This will ensure that even if someone has little to no experience with bows, they will leave confident that they chose the right bow and know how to shoot it. This kind of expertise fits in perfectly with the customer service and work ethic that many have experienced from Cedar Falls in the past. The staff at Cedar Falls is dedicated to educating, training and informing buyers, not just selling to them.

Cedar Falls Tactical

Currently, they carry top brands like Hoyt, Bear, PSE, Bowtech, Tenpoint and much more. In addition to bows, they have a nice selection bow accessories in store and more arriving every week. With products including sights, cases, bow releases and more, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Coming Soon to Cedar Falls Tactical

Crossbows are becoming increasingly popular among archery enthusiast. While you can visit Cedar Falls now and order a crossbow, you can expect an in-store selection of crossbows and accessories coming soon. Along with crossbows, an archery range behind the store is currently in the making. The range will be useful if you require professional help sighting in and tuning your bow.

Cedar Falls Tactical

Another resource from Cedar Falls Tactical, which I found exceptionally interesting, is the simulation room. This room is home to a huge screen and real life videos designed to teach you how to respond to threats, “judgment training”, and to hone your personal defense skills. Something tells me that Parkland Hub will definitely be checking out Cedar Fall’s simulation room in the future!

Keep in contact with Cedar Falls Tactical to stay updated on their upcoming product additions and news. Whether you are a seasoned archer, newcomer or thinking about getting back into the sport, we encourage you to visit Cedar Falls to check out their new archery line and the professional service to back it up. And don’t forget, let them know your read about them on Parkland Hub!

Cedar Falls Tactical is located at 3519 Cedar Falls Rd, Ste A in Bonne Terre.
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