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Bite Bakery and Cafe


At 118 East High Street, you’ll find a stairway leading down to a sweet little shop that is set to open tomorrow, Saturday, March 11th. Directly below (yes, below) Miss Kim & Co. on the main drag in Potosi, we met with Emily Morgan, the baker and owner of Bite, and her fiance, Korey.

Emily has been honing her craft of baking for about 8 years. Originally inspired by shows like “Cake Boss” and others, she started her cake-making business from her home and has been creating unique cakes and cookies for special occasions ever since.

She always had the dream of opening her own bakery, but honestly didn’t think it would ever become a reality. Emily credits Korey with giving her the support and encouragement she needed to ‘just do it’.

They started looking for a place in town to rent to make the bakery dream a reality and found the space below Miss Kim & Co. was available but in desperate need of repairs. Emily told us that the old basement was once a bar, but they weren’t allowed to have hard liqueur. In the process of removing the shiplap on the ceiling to expose the wooden joist, they discovered an old bottle of liqueur between the rafters. Now the liqueur bottle is in a shadow box to display in the cafe to maintain some of the building’s original history.

The process of transforming the space into the quaint cafe you see now started back in May of 2016. Emily’s dad works in construction, so he helped do a lot of the construction on weekends. The salvaged shiplap from the ceiling was utilized in a chair rail around the cafe where they hope to display retail products for sale. There is bar seating down the center of the room made from lumber milled at a local mill run by a friend of the family.

There are also other tables and chairs for additional seating for individuals to come and relax with a cup of coffee and a donut or cupcake. Although, Emily suspects most customers will just pop in and pick up orders to go.

What can you expect from Bite Bakery and Cafe? “I want people to feel like they came over to Grandma’s,” Emily expressed. When you try a baked good from Bite bakery, you are getting a homemade, fresh item and Emily wants that experience to be a familiar treat.

Emily shared that one of her Grandmas was a cake decorator and caterer. During the war, she traded her stamps for a cupcake carrier; which shows just how important her business and craft was, that she would go without other important things to get a nice and convenient carrier for cakes. You can see some of Emily’s Grandmother’s original recipes framed to decorate the cafe when you stop in.

Some of the challenges she has faced are really being busier than she expected and overbooking. Emily said she doesn’t like telling people ‘no’, so before she knows it, she has 8 cakes to make for one day and 4 the next! Time management is what she is working on now. She’d like to have 2-3 weeks in advance for orders but said that doesn’t usually happen, so she tries to work with her customers to fit their needs as best as she can.

As usual, we like to ask what advice local business owners have to others in the area who are thinking about starting up their own business. Emily says, “Take it slow. Take your time. Start Small.” She went on to share important points to focus on first like building up a clientele if you are service based, being consistent so people can count on you, and not expanding your capacity too early.

We had the opportunity to sample Emily’s Maple cake donuts and a couple cupcakes – and wow! They were fantastic! Very soft and moist; even more delicious than they looked (and they looked amazing)!

Contact Emily to order cakes or other specialty desserts for your upcoming event!

About the Author:
Kerry Brock

Christian, wife, herbalist and a writer here at Parkland Hub. I love peaceful days spent with my husband, Davy, sipping coffee, walking parks and eating homemade pizza.

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