Bismarck Conservation Area


The Parkland is home to many natural areas that our families can go to and enjoy a day of fishing, hiking, sight-seeing or an overnight camping trip. One of these areas is the Bismarck Conservation Area, just a short drive south of Bismarck.

The over 1,100-acre natural landscape is owned by the Missouri Department of Conservation and has hiking trails, hunting, camping and easy access to its 210-acre DiSalvo Lake. You can read more about the area attractions and history here.

Kerry and I took the kayak out Monday to spend a few hours on the lake with our fishing gear. When I was a kid, I remember going to this lake with my dad and brother. Back then the lake was filled with lily pads. In recent years the lake has been cleaned up making it much easier to get around and actually do some fishing! I was surprised to see so many other boats on the water on a Monday afternoon. I guess we weren’t the only ones who wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy the almost-perfect weather. Even though there were many others, the lake was quiet, serene and peaceful. We caught a good number of bluegill, bass, and crappie before we decided to head back to the car in the evening.

If you haven’t been fishing yet this year, I recommend packing up the gear and the family and heading to DiSalvo Lake to spend a few hours in the sun. Even without a boat, you can put some lawn chairs out on the dock or the concrete pier that’s easily accessible. Have fun, catch fish and enjoy this beautiful conservation area right in our back yard!

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