Battle of Pilot Knob State Historic Site


This museum and historic site are situated on 77.40 acres in the beautiful Arcadia Valley. Established in 1968, the site celebrates a strategic turning point in the Civil War History as it retells the events of September 1864, when the valley was witness to one of the largest battles fought on Missouri’s soil.

Civil War History

The museum has an approx. 20 min documentary that shares all the specific details of the Confederate advance through Missouri and their attack on the Union fort in Pilot Knob. The raid ultimately had an unforeseen outcome for Confederate Mag. Gen. Sterling Price as he was leading the largest Confederate cavalry raid of the war through Missouri with the objective of overtaking St. Louis.

In addition to the documentary, complete with dramatic reenactment footage, the museum offers a diorama, where you can hear a narrative and watch the events be played out on a light-up miniature replica of the valley.

The flag is a reproduction of the original flag that hung over the fort. The remains of the original can be seen at the Iron County courthouse.

You are also able to see many original artifacts that paint a vivid picture of what life was like for soldiers in 1864. From weapons to uniforms, to personal effects. There are many original photos that share the stories of men and women of the valley who played pivotal roles in the historic events that transpired so long ago.

Enjoy the park

The expansive views on the battlefield are breathtaking as you walk out to the still existing mound where the actual fort once stood. Realizing that thousands of soldiers died on this peaceful and tranquil spot is sobering.

There is a playground on the grounds, and pavilions and picnic tables all nestled under a grove of pine trees. Plan your next family outing and take a sack lunch to enjoy in the park.

Local Cafe

If you don’t have time to pack a lunch, you can always stop in at the Fort Davidson Cafe, located right across the street from the historic site. Davy enjoyed their Reuben sandwich and I savored the herb roasted chicken, and we shared a large piece of delicious chocolate cake!


This year in September, the quiet empty fields will transform into a living history demonstration as hundreds of Civil War reenactors will come from far and wide to reenact the events that took place those fateful days over 150 years ago.

Make your plans now to attend this epic event on September 22nd-24th, 2017! It only comes along once every 3 years, so don’t miss it! Local lodging books up fast, contact the Fort Davidson Hotel to find a place to stay.

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