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Parkland Hub was created to support local business and our community. We feel the best way to do this is to create a positive relationship with the businesses in our area and strive to connect these businesses to their local customers. We launched in early 2017 and will continue to expand our services to better serve the Parkland.
Parkland Hub is family owned and currently run by Robert Brock and his wife Bobbie jo, along with David Brock and his wife Kerry. We look forward to seeing where this new adventure will take our families and our community.
If you know of a business coming soon in the Parkland or exciting news about an existing business or our community, please let us know!
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Frequently Asked Questions
For Businesses
  How can Parkland Hub help my business?
Parkland Hub’s main goal is to support local businesses and connect these businesses to local customers.
Business owners can become a Parkland Hub Member in order to verify their business in our directory, gain access to free resources to help them grow their business and take advantage of special advertising/sponsorship opportunities in the near future.
We believe that by supporting the success of our local businesses, we strengthen the Parkland’s economy, create job opportunities and directly support local families running these businesses.
  Why become a Parkland Hub Member?
Once you become a Parkland Hub Member, you can add and verify your business in our directory, optimize your listing and even write articles that are published on behalf of your business.
More advantages for Members are coming soon! These include free resources and advertisment/sponsorship opportunities to grow your business!
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  Why add my business to the directory?
Adding your business to Parkland Hub’s directory is beneficial in many ways. You will have the opportunity to optimize your listing with images, links, a description and even a contact form for customers to get in touch with you directly from your page.
Any business in our directory can also be “Recommended” by the community to earn special placement in our category pages.
Parkland Hub independantly owns our business directory data and our goal is to provide the Parkland with the most convenient, accurate and complete local business information available.
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  Does it cost to add my business?
No. Becoming a member and adding/verifying your business in our directory is free. We want to make it possible for any business, big or small, to be part of Parkland Hub. This helps us better support our local businesses and provide better information and services to our community.
  Can Parkland Hub write about my business?
If you own a business or know of a business that you think our community should hear about, let us know and we’ll get in touch. We can’t gaurantee that we will write about every request we receive, but we will support our area businesses wherever we can. That’s why we’re here. 🙂
  Can I advertise on Parkland Hub?
At this time, Parkland Hub does not offer advertising on our website, however, we will be offering advertising, featured business placement and sponsorship opportunities in the coming months.
Register as a Member today and we’ll let you know as soon as these opportunities become available.